What are we:

A portfolio of Australian owned and funded surgeon, cardiologist and psychiatrist owned short stay private hospitals:

Surgical – small 3-4 theatre, 20-40 bed short stay private hospitals with high throughput and maximum efficiency utilising the latest technologies with detailed, stream-lined admission / discharge practices

Cardiology – 1-2 cath labs with 20 overnight beds, OR a cath lab as part of a surgical hospital, with a 50:50 Joint Venture between the cardiologists and the hospital

Mental Health – 30-50 bed hospital with up to 6-7 community based day program centres under a hub and spoke model featuring best practice, reduced readmissions and length of stay.

What we Do:

We provide an integrated approach to all dimensions of:
• Develop the health facility model to fit the wants, needs and culture of the hospital
• Locate and arrange land acquisition is required
• Coordinate design of the facility with an effective clinical pathway for each surgical speciality
• Develop the model of care around the clinical pathway
• Coordinate planning approvals
• Arrange and manage construction
• Arrange financing and equity if required
• Leasing of facilities to complementary users to improve overall service delivery and to enhance overall financial returns
• Establish doctor ownership structure
• Secure State Health Department licence to build a private health facility
• Implement the Quality, Risk and Safety Management System to achieve Accreditation against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS)
• Oversee and manage the Clinical and Corporate Governance with set up of Boards, Medical Advisory Committees, Executive Management Committee and Consumer Engagement Committee.
• Provision of the full set of operational policies and procedures and medical by-laws
• Setup and ongoing management of Infection Control
• Source and present relevant patient information, entertainment, quality management, communication systems for the hospital
• Procure all equipment, supplies and consumables.
• Manage Human Resources Division, particularly in the recruitment of appropriate staff
• Lead the interactions with the Health Insurance Funds and negotiate the Health Insurance Fund rates
• Overall management of the hospital in conjunction with doctor shareholder input
• At a pre agreed point (pre agreed financial targets), arrange exit and wealth realisation
• Provide networking contacts to relevant Associations, Bodies and Professional Organisations and Committees