Meet the team

Neil Henderson


With a Business Degree, and 35 years’ experience mainly in the private hospital sector:

•In 1995, was asked by the Victorian Government to be Exec Director of the Metropolitan Hospitals Planning Board to transform 35 independent public hospitals into the networks we have today

•Was Business and Acquisition Manager for Healthscope as part of the National Executive between 1999 and 2011 which saw the company’s enterprise value on the ASX grow from $30 million to $2,600 million ($2.6B)

•Has managed some 70 hospital acquisitions and brownfield expansions

•Between 2011/12 and 2017, was a member of the National Executive of private hospital group Healthe Care and CEO of two of their major private hospitals which saw the enterprise value increase from $250 million to $950 million over the 5 years

•Since 2017 has been establishing the surgeon owned private hospital in Townsville (Weststate Private), as well as developing a portfolio of similar doctor owned short stay private hospitals

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Leith MacMillan


Leith has led 30 hospitals through licensing and accreditation and is registered with AHPRA and brings over thirty-five years’ experience in strategic, operational management and clinical design and management in the public and private health industry; providing innovative and practical solutions to design, planning, clinical pathways, development, re-design and set up (including equipment procurement and costing) of both public and private hospitals, day hospitals, rehabilitation centres and medical practices. Leith has provided extensive consulting and advisory services to over 125 clients over the last fifteen years, with a major focus on compliance. This combined with operational experience enables Leith to provide great outcomes-based service to her clients, many of whom return when expanding their health facilities.
With expertise in the operating theatre room, in the early was1990’s Leith was
recruited to work for a Doctor/Owner that went on to develop 4 freestanding Day Hospitals spread across Brisbane, now known as Montserrat Facilities across Australia

Leith was responsible for the design, development, and overall management of these Facilities. At this time, she commenced an MBA and acquired a Diploma in Business Management through Australian Institute of Management.
Whilst CEO of Montserrat until 2006, she saw the need to strengthen the profile and representation of Australian Day Hospitals. In 2004 until 2007, one of her major achievements was the financial and structural rebuilding of the Australasian Day Surgery Association into the Australian Day Hospital Association (ADHA), and today know as Day Hospitals Australia.

Leith is currently overseeing the development of a number of Day and Short Stay Hospital Facilities, Rehabilitation Centres, Hospices and Specialised Health Facilities for patients with eating disorders. within Australia, and can perform multi roles – Director of Nursing, Project Manager, Compliance Manager, Administration Support, Quality Management Officer etc.

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Our advisory board has extensive experience in key aspects of short stay hospital development which can be leveraged as required.

Financial structuring and funding

An integrated approach is provided in relation to all structural and financial aspects of projects.

Our lead advisor holds senior positions within Australia’s financial industry and works closely with the SSPH Principals and advisers to participating doctors to ensure the optimisation of debt and equity for each project. In particular, a financial structure is applied uniquely to each project, optimising shares and returns for specialists.

Preferred Architects

We use private hospital industry specialists who are expert at efficiency in design and very familiar with the licensing requirements in each State.

These are usually:

Health Science Planning Consultants (HSPC) – see
Mode Design – see

Project Managers

Typically, we will use Project Managers who have a proven track record in private hospital development and managing builders: