Surgeon Ownership, Cardiologists, Psychiatrists and Health Funds

Who are we?

We are a Licensed Business Financial Strategist in the private health sector dedicated in supporting Surgeon Ownership to develop their own private hospital.

We totally plan, develop, finance, license and operate, and partner doctor-surgeon ownership private hospitals in each State.

We can partner with you to facilitate the development of a doctor owned private hospital. Our model improves efficiency and provides better outcomes for patients and all stakeholders.

Our core financial structured model provides for specialists to be entitled to free shareholding equity (ie, no investment required).

A more significant shareholding can be achieved through direct investment, the number of shares being over and above the free entitlement.


Surgeon Ownership Model

What we Do

We provide an integrated approach to all dimensions of:

  • Develop the health facility model to fit the wants, needs and culture of the hospital
  • Locate and arrange land acquisition is required
  • Coordinate design of the facility with an effective clinical pathway for each surgical speciality
  • Develop the model of care around the clinical pathway
  • Coordinate planning approvals
  • Arrange and manage construction
  • Arrange financing and equity if required
  • Leasing of facilities to complementary users to improve overall service delivery and to enhance overall financial returns
  • Establish doctor ownership structure
  • Secure State Health Department licence to build a private health facility
  • Implement the Quality, Risk and Safety Management System to achieve Accreditation against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS)
  • Oversee and manage the Clinical and Corporate Governance with set up of Boards, Medical Advisory Committees, Executive Management Committee and Consumer Engagement Committee.
  • Provision of the full set of operational policies and procedures and medical by-laws
  • Setup and ongoing management of Infection Control
  • Source and present relevant patient information, entertainment, quality management, communication systems for the hospital
  • Procure all equipment, supplies and consumables.
  • Manage Human Resources Division, particularly in the recruitment of appropriate staff
  • Lead the interactions with the Health Insurance Funds and negotiate the Health Insurance Fund rates
  • Overall management of the hospital in conjunction with doctor shareholder input
  • At a pre agreed point (pre agreed financial targets), arrange exit and wealth realisation
  • Provide networking contacts to relevant Associations, Bodies and Professional Organisations and Committees

Surgeon Ownership for Health Insurance Funds

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